Time TO:


Do not sit back watching people do what you want to do. Lets make it happen

People say it takes and cost a lot to start a business. 
I say it'll take a 30m Min Phone Call.

Step 1:

The Mission, Vision.

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What to expect: 

  1. Building a clear relationship with your business.

  2. Development of a clear (Mission and Vision).

  3. Seeing your thoughts in a realistic lens.

  4. See the see into the future.

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Can't Reach A Goal If You Can't See It

Step 2:

Set the Goals


Typical coaching questions:

  1. Lets put all your thoughts on paper clarity of your goals?

  2. Lets accomplish something about your goals today?

  3. Lets make your goals measurable so we know you’ll achieve it?

  4. Lets break your goal into bite-sized pieces?

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Step 3:

Examine the Reality


Lets self reflect:

  1. Lets visit the events or choices that led you to this place?

  2. Lets unpack the qualities you already have that will help you move towards your goal?

  3. Lets identify your passion about your business?

  4. Understanding the 5 (PPPPP) to see your goal become a reality?

Step 4:

Build the Plan


Discover 1 Page Business Plan:

  1. Plan in clarity helps before the action.

  2. Knowing your role is knowing all of your business.

  3. Accepting the worst things to happen makes business easy to handle.

  4. Business defined to the number and letter.

Step 5:

Get Out The Building


This is about evidence base:

  1. Locate things preventing you from taking action

  2. Lets approached goals with courage, and pivoting skills

  3. Lets find your emotional cost vs the financial cost

  4. Gain problem solving skill to avoid future challenges.