Time TO:


Do not sit back watching people do what you want to do. Lets make it happen

People say it can take and cost a lot to start a business. 
I say it'll take a 30m Min Phone Call.

IF YOU'RE 18-24

Step 1:

The Mission, Vision.

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What to expect: 

  1. Building a clear relationship with your business.

  2. Development of a clear (Mission and Vision).

  3. Seeing your thoughts in a realistic lens.

  4. See your plan into the future.

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Can't Reach A Goal If You Can't See It Lets Talk About Your Business

Step 2:

Set the Goals


What to expect:

  1. Building timeline to reach your goals?

  2. Organizes your a call to action.

  3. Creating a landmark chart of (who. when and where).

  4. Condense your thoughts into measurable outcomes.

When we create a plan, many times we have unrealistic expectations. This is one of the many reasons we give up. Well not today... we will create a path that is very realistic and reachable

Step 3:

Examine the Reality


What to expect: The 5 P's

  1. clarity of your Product.

  2. Clarity of your Pricing.

  3. What are your Promotions.

  4. What is your Location/Placement?

  5. Who are your Audience/People? 

The Five-P's are five simple principles to be balanced across the organization. Skipping one, or focusing only on two or three will lessen potential and will create challenging hurdles when it comes to execution.

Step 4:

Build the Plan


Discover 1 Page Business Plan:

  1. Plan in clarity helps before the action.

  2. Knowing your role is knowing all of your business.

  3. Accepting the worst things to happen makes business easy to handle.

  4. Business defined to the number and letter.

The structure of the One-Page Plan is designed to give your team a quick overview of your organization’s core purpose, where you’re going, and how you intend to get there. 

Step 5:

Get Out The Building


What to expect:​

  1. Make a list of the customers and others you want to talk to for customer discovery.

  2. Come up with a good trigger to help your friends in sales, support, and services select good candidates for you to interview.

  3. Find a collaborator!

Get Out of the Building is short hand for leaving your comfort zone and getting to know your customers in their own environment. “We had no idea what our customers really wanted, so we had to Get Out of the Building. ”