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Lets Build Your Road To Success

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

When it comes to opportunities in this world, it seems that certain paths are put before us and many are not in alignment to what we desire as success. Why is my pursuit of happiness so blurry?

Your Pursuit Doesn't Have To Be A Blur.

It seems blurry because of the way you have been taught to achieve it. As if there isn't more then one way to open a door. You may find yourself sitting back and watch what it appears to be "your peers moving forward without you". I am here to tell you that is not the case. My question to you is how bad do you want it, what are you not willing to do to achieve? Then what are you willing to to do to achieve?

Time To Face Your Fears:

Lets Find What Is Holding You Back!

  • [F] - IND What you are afraid of (failure, rejection, doubt, power, responsibility) The moment you are able to find your fear, is the moment you will be able to face them.

  • [E] - DUCATE Fear is mainly found in the unknowing of or things we do not understand. Once you have knowledge of a obstacle the easier it is to navigate.

  • [A] - PPLY When we know better we're able to do better. Education is power but how we apply the education is POWERFUL.

  • [R] - ESULTS Many great outcomes never surface because many greats do not realize they're great. The results of our current situation could be much different once we

Find the things that are holding us back Educate ourselves on the adversity and the resilience of those things. Apply that learned knowledge of understanding then witness different Results

Customize the look of your path by making it in the alignment of something greater then your physical self, build from within and enjoy what comes out. God First.

If you are a advocate of youth empowerment then post your name with the #ybmw1080 (#THRETTYBMW1080) If youth is the future of us all then why are we not meeting them where their at and providing them with the skills they need based on their abilities to grow. The cookie cutter concept doesn't work it hurts.

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