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Is a multifaceted facility that provides entrepreneurship development programs, job/career readiness plus work shop and curriculum from a selective community organization to empower the next generation with needed tools resources and services that start the positivity growth from the indeed out. Looking for venue to network, conduct presentation or classes reach out.

Our Story

The LAB Center started as a play on words until we understood how it provides a unified view of our organization's short and long-term strategies, objectives, key results, and the execution of strategy. The LAB (also known as a situation room, strategy hall or war room) is a centralized meeting space where project teams and stakeholders can co-locate and visually communicate project activities.

The YBMW Organization started to realize that there's not really a space we can call our own or a space to remain our true selves while accomplishing many great things. Until, we observed that our space could create more success by allowing others with similar morals and principals to use our space and build themselves up from where they're at. A youth mentorship and entrepreneurship incubator operation for the mind, body, spirit and wealth.

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Community Podcast

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Community Networking Space

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Community Work Shop Space

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One Stop Shop

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Community Presentation Space

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Grassroot Program Space

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