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In spite of negative influences, within this marginalized population, there are young people who are motivated and capable of rising above difficult circumstances. Our goal is to find these sparks, engage and mentor them, so that urban youth can not only succeed themselves, but also share the path to success with their peers and community, by example and by becoming mentors themselves. YBMW aims to generate a culture of “can-do” in Tacoma where young men are the prime movers.

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Young Business Men of Washington (YBMW) is a non-profit that engages young men ages 13-24 who are challenged by negative influences and socio-economic factors that too frequently cut short options and opportunities for success. Our programs mentor young men, provide role models, build teamwork and cultivate leadership among peer group and throughout the community. We also support development of body and mind for physical and educational achievement in order to guide youth toward becoming positive contributors in their families and communities. YBMW not only promotes achievement among our engaged individuals, we also empower them to pass on the art of success on to their peers.

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